Twisted Horn — Mead Me! Episode 5

“Twisted Horn — Mead Me!”

The Designated Drinkers Chris and Raf visit Twisted Horn — a mead brewery nestled in Vista, California. This place is worthy of vikings!  The guys talk to brewers Vincent and Mike — who are masters when it comes to brewing ye olde mead!

Show Notes: Mead is probably one of the oldest fermented drinks. Vikings navigated the mighty waters with this beverage. Sail thru Designated Drinker’s podcast with the traditional meads. If you’re not a mead fan, we’ll also talk fresh pressed ciders. Join us in the taproom for  Strawberry Kiwi Mead, Old Toby’s tart Cherry Mead, and Simon’s Journey with Orange Blossom honey, fresh strawberry and kiwi. So put on your viking wears and “Yar, let’s go!”

Tipsy Level – 8

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