Episode 9 That’s My Mummy!

That’s My Mummy!

Show Notes:

Reality is a strange thing and so are these 6 stories.  Trend Punksters Scott Tomasso and Sam Libraty search literally everywhere to find amazing stories. Did they succeed? Which are true, and which are false? You decide!

Story 1: The Strange Gas Stop 

Jim and his sister come upon a small town where everyone is a real stiff! What’s behind this extremely quiet town?

Story 2: A Dream So Real, It Must Have Happened?

A man finds that he has an alternate life in a dreamworld where he speaks Chinese, but only knows english. Can you sort out which is real and which is a dream?

Story 3: Where am I?

A women takes a shortcut home and finds herself completely lost not far from home. Asking where she was, a passerby knows more then she what’s going on. Find out what jamais vous means.

Story 4: Where’s My Daddy?

What happens when you visit your home after many years away and no one wants you around and is shunning your presence? Why can’t anyone tell him where his dad is? There’s only one way to get the answers, just listen.

Story 5: That’s My Mummy!

You’ve heard of reincarnation? But, where’s the proof? Listen to this strange tale of reincarnation where this time there are lots of signs that it may actually be real! Knowledge of forgotten facts and hidden secrets just ma prove reincarnation is an actual human condition.

Story 6: Don’t look in THAT tomb!

How did Russian archeologists possibly start a war by digging up a tomb? Can a curse laid down by a descendant of Genghis Khan be responsible for a modern day invasion? Here’s your history lesson.


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