Episode 20 One Night In Brazil, Or Angels In The Park?

One Night In Brazil, Or Angels In The Park

Show Notes:

Scott’s Story: 1   “Frank, The Jockey. Here’s one about a jokey who went way above –from beyond to win his last race.

Scott’s Story: 2 “I Did It Ma!” Here’s a story of an attorney who goes to extreme lengths to get his client off and almost gets twisted in a moral tale!

Scott’s Story: 3 “One Night In Brazil”  You don’t have to live in the country to be endangered by farm animals. In fact you never know when a cow is going to drop in for a surprise visit!

Sam’s Story: 1 “Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall”  What happens when divorced mom and her two girls move into an old run down house. Strange happenings!

Sam’s Story: 2 “Angels In The Park”  Two female college students get help from beyond when they find themselves in danger while in India. Do you believe in miracle?

Sam’s Story: 3 “The Girl With Blindsight”  Do we have a sixth sense? This story of a blind girl’s abilities will astound you!

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