Hidden Whiskey Gem Episode 1

“Hidden Whiskey Gem”

Follow along as craft spirits enthusiasts Chris Roach and Raf Corona scour the earth to find the best craft spirits and microbrews. Join us in a drinking, tell all that exposes the the brewing and distilling secrets behind the finest brews, wines, whiskeys and rums! We talk to the owners, drink for free (who doesn’t love that) and share how their ingredients and batch or barrel techniques have rocketed them to the top! Cheers.

Whiskey and rum! “Designated Drinkers” Chris and Raf catch up with a colorful rum-cat who’s making it big in the whiskey world by keeping those barrel batches small. Size does count in this tell all drink-a-thon at Perfect Soul Whiskey. Listen closely for the secrets in the syrup! Shhhhhh!

Show Notes: Craft spirit enthusiasts Chris Roach and Raf Corona visit a tiny micro-distillery in San Marcos, CA where they learn all about what it takes to create some of San Diego’s best whiskey and rum. Perfect Soul Whiskey owner, David Jackson gives them a lesson on why fireball should be avoided and how keeping it simple in cocktails is the way to go.

Tipsy level – 7

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