Hero. No Heroine.

A story sent from Everybody Has A Story listener:

Mike Edwards — Sent from my iPhone

You want a story? Here’s a story about loss of life, drugs and disappointment. One day you’re fine and wake up with a smile until you find out your mother has died from a brain aneurysm while recovering in surgery. You have the funeral but if your a lot like me you show up wasted and cause a scene, twenty one years old at your mothers funeral where your asked to leave due to your disruption. A year goes by and you’re a full blown alcoholic and can’t go a day without your usually mix of whiskey and rolled cigarette. You hate being alone so you throw parties with strangers who introduce you to cocaine, a drug you fall instantly in love with. Months later and check after check to pay for your expensive habit your drug dealer tricks you into snorting heroin thinking it’s coke because you’re so wasted you can’t tell the difference.

Snort after snort and the feeling of God take the lead when you’re convinced you can’t live without it, literally. When the heroin tears up your nostrils and doesn’t have the same effect anymore you start shooting it in whatever vain you have left. Again, if you’re a lot like me you start stealing and pawning everything to get your next fix, which eventually you get caught and lose your job, your family and a place to live. Just when you think things can’t get worse you have an overdose in random restaurant where you’re barely breathing and revived by strangers. The only good thing about that overdose is you don’t remember shit when you wake in the hospital the next morning. After spending a week there the first thing you do when you get out is call for another fix before realizing your drug dealer has been arrested. Now being in the hospital for a week was a blessing because you’ve made it through the worst of the withdrawals. No access to heroin or coke you’re forced to sober up and get clean — this is the hardest part for addicts– it is the temptation of relapse. Now you come to believe somehow the people you betrayed will forgive you if only you stay clean. So far it’s worked, two years clean.

That’s my story…

Thank you Mike for sharing.  You are are a hero to those who are going thru the same hellacious journey. Congrats on the 2-years staying clean. Your sincerity is an inspiration to us all here at TrendPunk – Everybody Has A Story.