Episode 2 A Slip in Time

“Slip In Time”

Reality is stranger than fiction, and these stories are stranger than you could believe! Which stories are true and which false? You decide.

Show Notes:

Story 1: Dog Almighty. Who doesn’t love a dog story? Find out if this chilling and heroic tale, set in the Siberian deep freeze, is barking up the right tree.

Story 2: Maybe Crazy? At the turn of the century a wealthy woman is left widowed only to realize her empty house is really full of troubling baggage which you may — or may not see. Hear about the the incredible lengths she goes through–to ease her conscience.

Story 3: Double take. What happens when a teenager’s lookalike does his schoolwork and even goes out on his dates? Find out if it’s double the trouble or double the fun.

Story 4: Beloved bees. In this tale, the meaning of “queen bee” takes on an other worldly meaning. Buzz on over to find out if it’s true or false.

Story 5: Phantom driver. We’ve all seen accidents on the side of the road, but what happens when you witness an accident that’s apparently from a “slip in time”?

Story 6: “Voices inside my head, echo things that you said” – The Police. In this twisted tale, the voices in a little girl’s head unfortunately aren’t giving her the lottery numbers. Sadly, it’s something else.

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