Episode 1 Seeing Double

“Seeing Double”

Show Notes:

Reality is a strange thing and so are these 6 stories. Trend Punksters Sam Libraty and Scott Tomasso reveal these tales of mystery. Which are true, and which are false? You decide.

Story 1: An innocent photo takes a turn for the twisted when young mother takes a photo of her child but instead catches a glimpse back in time.

Story 2: Watch your back! A serial killer may be roaming the World’s Faire. (Enter at your own risk.)

Story 3: There’s something glowing in the cornfields. Shhhhh! Do you hear it?

Story 4: Twin boys separated at birth finally re-unite. Is this reality or just a parallel universe?

Story 5: The strange letter. Just listen and you’ll never look at an envelope the same way–ever again.

Story 6: What happens when a young man meets an older man with the same name, same wife, same scars? You guessed it. Way too many sames!

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