Episode 7 Murder She Wrote

Murder She Wrote

Show Notes:

Story 1: Don’t sit under THAT apple tree! See if you can figure out how some trees and really big rocks got together to stymie investigators. Rock-A-Bye Baby indeed!

Story 2: Messages from the somewhere in time. Tune in to hear the tale of old radio. Speechless!

Story 3: Fiery Persecution or is it “gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight?”

Story 4: A church takes this game a bit too far. Murder you say? Well there’s only one way to find the answers. Find out how this possible underworld figure showed up dead with a rhyme in his pocket.

Story 5: More murder stories you want, more murder you get! Was it an Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) copycat killer or an inept assassin who can’t read a phonebook?

Story 6: Hard hitting news show indeed! What happened to this news anchor woman who read a prophecy in her teleprompter? Murder? Mayhem? Or face news? There’s only one way to get the details. Listen closely!

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