Episode 6 Monkey Madness and Lizard People!

“Monkey Madness and Lizard People!”

Show Notes:
Reality is a strange thing and so are these 6 stories.  Trend Punksters Scott Tomasso and Sam Libraty scour the earth to find the most crazy stories. Did they succeed? Which are true, and which are false? Listen and decide!

Story 1: Amazing coincidence or was this match written in Disney World’s fireworks finale? The moral of this story is always keep you vacation photos!

Story 2: You’ll have to listen to this strange tale to find out why a man literally went to pieces after moving to a nice small town.

Story 3: This tale proves when your time is up, you can’t avoid the outcome. A tragic end to a story about fate.

Story 4: Have you ever read the Jungle Book? Well, listen to this tale of a real life Mogli and how a child survived in the jungle True? Maybe.

Story 5: Southern California is a desert environment, therefore as you would expect, lizards are part of the terrain. Except, there have long been rumors that some of these lizards are not the cute reptiles we would expect, but rather, something straight out of a Hollywood horror movie.

Story 6: Listen up Trekkies and Trekkers! This one goes out to you! A Patrol Boat during the Vietnam war is saved by an fictional iconic American name!

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