Episode 5 Doggie Tales, Black Goo and Boo Hoo!

“Doggie Tales, Black Goo and Boo Hoo!”

Show Notes:

Reality is a strange thing and so are these 6 stories.  Trend Punksters Scott Tomasso and Sam Libraty scour the globe to find the most amazing stories. Did they succeed? You’ll have to listen to find out! Which are true, and which are false? You decide.

Story 1: Venezuelan Black Goo. Venezuela is renowned for it’s great oil wealth. This strange epidemic won’t fuel your car — but it will generate wild speculation.

Story 2: Is that a frog in your head? Find out how this French woman received very good advice from the strangest place!

Story 3: BBC News from the future? After you hear this tale of war and loss, you’ll listen to the news much more closely.

Story 4: Not a Romanian Doping Scandal. This is an inspiring tale of amazing coincidence. Find out how a 14 year old acrobat landed a perfect 10 — against all odds.

Story 5: A dog named Chance. This dog’s tale is more than chance. It’s a miracle.

Story 6: Talk about missing the boat! How can an adventure riddled with disappointment land in the port of “good luck?”

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