Episode 45 Cat You’re Fired!

Episode 45 

Here are three more stories for you to decide on. Which one is the ringer, can you guess correctly?

STORY #1. Cat You’re Fired!

A lonely woman was giving a cat to care for by her son who was serving in Afghanistan. One morning, she was urgently awakened by the cat.Why did the cat insist she get up and how did this end up saving the day? Listen to this puurfect story about a hero cat. True or false, there’s only one answer.

STORY #2. Scratch and Sniff

Bob Sorkin had a surreal experience. His cat scratched his young son over his right eye. The cat had never scratched anyone before. What was really unusual was what doctors found when Bob took his son to emergency. How did this cat save a little boys life?

STORY #3. Tabby Can You Hear Me?

A smart cat runs up the phone bill, and by doing so saves his owners life. Or does he?


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