Episode 41 The Napzok Strikes Back!

Part 2 of our Star Wars Trilogy with Ken Napzok!

Once again we dig up three amazing stories and try to match wits with our guest and Star Wars expert, Ken Napzok. Who will win the day? Will Ken guess correctly which story is false? You’ll have to listen!

“There’ll be no one to stop us, this time!”

Story 1: Game Or Die

Could it be true? Did an avid video gamer walk into a gaming cafe and never leave? Let’s see if Ken can tell if this tale is true or is it game over dude?

Story 2: Dumb Mother…….

How about a game of Frogger? Remember the ultra-popular video game where your goal was to get your frog across the road? Well how likely is someone to take a crack at playing the game in real life? Interested?

Story 3: I Need Video Games Like I need A Hole In My Head!

What’s more important than life? To this young video gamer, even life takes a back seat to beating the high score on CounterStrike!

Star Wars Trivia Questions.

Think you know Star Wars trivia? Well listen to some real tough ones and see if you can get any right!

Check out the funny and talented Ken Napzok through the links below!







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