Episode 40 A New Hope Part One

We finally did it! Ken Napzok is our very special guest!

This is a big one folks! We have Star Wars guru Ken Napzok on with us and he’s going to get to the bottom of  some very obscure Star Wars trivia questions. This event was so huge, we had to split it into three parts!

He’ll also be bringing his immense knowledge of the world to bear when we do our three stories. How’s he going to fair?  Listen!

Story: 1  Fingerprints From Beyond!

Is the picture you see hear really a ghostly reminder of a fallen firefighter? Is this a hand print made on a faithful day in 1924 real? A hand print that was on a window for 20 years until it was broken. No manner of cleaning could remove it. Listen to this amazing story and see if you can guess if it’s true or false.

Story: 2 Talk About Your Small Town!

What happened in the village of Yangsi, situated in the Sichuan Province? Is there really an entire village of little people in an obscure valley in China? Listen closely for clues to this one!

Story: 3 Village Of  The Damned.

Is Edward Stewart hallucinating? He claims that he stumbled upon a village that seemed right out of the 18th century. But, why have officials had such a difficult time finding the village when Stewart lead them to it? Where is this village? Listen for some strange clues.

Check out the funny and talented Ken Napzok through the links below!







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