Episode 4 Turtles, pudding and kings OH MY!

“Turtles, pudding and kings, OH MY!”

Show Notes:

Reality is a strange thing and so are these 6 stories. Trend Punksters Sam Libraty and Scott Tomasso reveal these tales of mystery. Which are true, and which are false? You decide.

Story 1: Turtle soup for four please. Lost at sea for quite some time, this super mom served up dinner in a most unusual manner. Seconds anyone? Not after you hear what’s on this menu!

Story 2: Gilligan had nothing on this Robinson Crusoe! What happens when a guy ditches the rat race and opts for life in paradise? Can you say cocoNUTs?

Story 3: Nuclear vibe gone haywire. In this cold war setting the enemy is anybody’s guess. Armageddon out-a-here!

Story 4: 18th century king sees double. Whatever you do, don’t order the Gaetano Bresci! This menu is full of surprises!

Story 5: Plum Pudding Anyone? Just say plum pudding 3 times and voila Count Monsour De Forte Gubu appears. You won’t be able to get enough Scott’s pronunciation of the counts name!

Story 6: Tornado alley or divine wind? A destructive tornado helps a couple beat the traffic in this bizzare tale when nature and WAZE collide!

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