Episode 38 Guardian Angels & Zombies

Story: 1  A Strange Way To Meet Your Guardian Angel

Did a famous Hollywood actor really step up to help a mother in need? Was this actor really the “Good Samaritan” this story foretells? Listen to the amazing chain of coincidences and decide if they’re true or false. Plus a surprise ending that’s, inconceivable!


Story: 2 Illegal Acts Of Charity

Is there a set of ethics that house guests should follow? Would you start demolishing parts of a national historic home from colonial times without asking permission? And after all that, finding a hidden treasure. Some people have all the luck, or do they?


Story: 3 Gramps And Grandma Go For A Walk

What’s the story in the local park where a young couple find strange happenings as they walk their dog? Why is it, at midnight, the park is full of old people walking around aimlessly? Why aren’t they talking or communicating? You’d think at that hour, they’d be home with a warm glass of milk. So what’s going on? Listen.


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