Episode 36 Fifty First Proposals

Story: 1  Bad News Travels Fast

Here’s a bizarre tale about a traveler who claimed to be from a country not on any map and not in any history books. Alas, during his brief stay, he really pissed-off customs. Passport please? Listen to this weird story!

Story: 2 Fifty First Proposals

Did you see the movie “Fifty First Dates”? Or, how about “Groundhog Day”? While hearing this heartwarming tale of true love, these films may come to mind. But is true love really true?

Story: 3 Devastation, or Liberation?

The circumstances surrounding this last story convey several levels of strangeness. How can children, trapped in a burning home, vanish completely and leave no forensic evidence?

Guru Guest
Helping us to guess which stories are true, and which are false — is social media guru Kerianne Mellott! You can ping her on twitter or Learntogolive.com

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