Episode 34 That’s My π, Mr. Know It All

Three more stories of unique human experiences and abilities – but one is not true! And Go!

Story: 01  Do You See Any Cows Around Here?

Here’s a fantastic story of the ugliness of war and heroism. It’s about one WWII pilot’s quick thinking, that lead him to serve his country in an even greater capacity. True?

Story: 02  That’s My π

From Vienna comes another child prodigy, who became a “Playah”. He was world famous for explaining the universe, but was he the love’em and leave’em Don Juan, described in this story? Or, are we just yanking’ yer cosmic chain?

Story: 03 Mr. Know it all

Can you guess which one of these famous men, was bullied is school, took up martial arts and ballet? Listen to this amazing story to find the unbelievable truth!

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