Episode 33 Déjà Vu From Me To You

We have 3 stories of unique human experiences and abilities – but one is not true! Game on!

Story: 01 Mannequin







There is a  bridal shop in Mexico that has a mannequin that’s been on display for 80 years! They call it, La Pascualita (translation: her daughter). It’s so lifelike, visitors have speculated its origins for decades. Listen to this amazing story and find out what lurks – skin deep!

Story: 02 The Human Computer

From a small village in Pakistan comes a child prodigy. Her ability to instantly calculate off the top of her head, has saved lives. Is this tale true, or does this not compute?

Story: 03 Déjà Vu From Me To You

We’ve all had these moments of feeling Déjà Vu, feeling like we’ve experienced something before. But then after reflection we figure — Nope! It didn’t happen!  So only you can decide with this next one. Did it happen?

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