Episode 32 Get In My Belly!

Hot on the heals of our first episode featuring an in studio guest, comes a visit by a talented, funny and courageous broadcast professional! Please welcome Stacey Gualandi, Emmy Award-Winning Reporter/Producer.

Stacey also hosts her own podcast, The Woman’s Eye Radio available  at thewomenseye.com and wherever fine podcasts are found. Check it out!

We have more amazing stories on this episode and an exclusive surprise! Listen to these stories and try to figure out which one is false and which of the two true tales has a mind blowing reveal!

Story: 01

You Have The Right To Remain Silent, Or I will Smack The Crap Out Of  You! (Longest title yet!)

Here’s one about Spiderman’s mom, not having great Spidey Senses herself. It’s a case of mistaken identity and why it’s not cool to smack first and ask questions later!

Story: 02

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Faith is a powerful tool, but when an investigative news show sends an undercover reporter to find out what’s really going on at healing revivals, you won’t believe the results.

Story: 03

Get In My Belly!

Fat Bastard may have come from the mind of Mike Myers, but we’ll bet you will have a really hard time swallowing this tale. Is it possible for this man to have eaten what is claimed? You know what to do to find the answers!

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