Episode 31 Vampires In The Bayou!

Hey folks! Help us welcome our first guest!  In this episode, we are joined by funny man — Lou Santini AKA — comedian, author, actor and man about town!

Story 01: Real Vampire Hunters.

The deep, dark, damp backwoods of the Louisiana Bayou is the setting for a mystery in 1912. Did a Catholic Priest and a VooDoo Shaman really join forces to defeat the the dark realm’s ultimate bad guy? VAMPIRE! Was what the locals called it, after a string of strange murders engulfed the Cajun community in fear!


Story 02: What The Heck Is “Fond Du Lac”? .

Do we have guardian angels? Is it possible that they can reach out and help us survive in strange ways? Listen to this story about a woman who’s life was spared by something extraordinary happening to her.

Story 03: Frequent Flyer Miles….Of Death

A young college student from South Africa whose dream is to visit London, learns that tradition and family love can be very important, and that it could even save your life.

Click on the image above to check out Lou’s very funny book, “101 Weird Conversations with Mom”!

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