Episode 3 From Colorado Springs to Paris

“From Colorado Springs to Paris”

Have you ever heard a tale so strange or funny that you found it unbelievable? Trend Punksters” Scott Tomasso and Sam Libraty reveal these tales of mystery and amazement. Which stories are true and which are false? You decide.

Story 1: Messages from beyond or crazy coincidence?  You’ll never look at a balloon the same after this strange tale.

Story 2: What if the movie Poltergeist came to life in your home? This mom stuck around way too long to find out. We’d say, “Feets do your stuff!”

Story 3: Here’s a story about a book that was way overdo! You’d be more likely to be hit by lightning then have the surprise of your life like this lady did — it’s a page turner!

Story 4: Female fighter pilots you say? Night witches you claim? Are these WWII nightmares real or the imagination of stressed out German pilots?

Story 5: Disclaimer! Never open a box you find on a lonely country road; you may get more than you bargained for!

Story 6: Did this couple really experience the amazing behavior of a wild animal or were they just partying too hard? Find out how a lazy animal help save hundreds of lives.

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