Episode 29 More Real Life Superheroes!

Story 01: EEL MAN

How does he do this? What if you had the power to generate enough electricity to zap people, or heal them?  Would you use it for good or something else? We explore what it takes to control a very unusual, yet shocking power. (Pun intended)


Don’t watch this video, if you wish to wait and guess if the related story is true or false!



Story 02: I CAN HEAR YOU!

Is it possible that a teenager has super accurate hearing? Can she really pinpoint her mom’s voice from miles away? If this story is true, how does she deal with the constant cacophony going on around her every day? Listen to this one! (Pun intended)


Story 032: The Real Life IceMan.

Ever wonder how those people you see every winter on the news swimming in icy waters do it? The Real Life Iceman knows the secret. This story will chill you to the bone! (Pun intended)


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