Episode 28 The Dark Watchers

Story 01: The Dark Watchers

Seen in California since the pre Columbian era about 13,000 years. These shadowy watchers stand vigil over the valley in the Santa Lucia Mountains. Appearing at sundown seemingly always wearing a hat and cape. Who are these timeless figures that have observed travelers for thousands of years? Follow the trail to find out.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels


Story 02: My Mother The Car

How did a mother reach out from the grave to help her daughter at a moment of extreme danger? Why does Sam know so much about the car that was used to help this young mother? The answers may surprise you.

Photo by Paul brown of England Creative Commons


Story 03: Betsy Ross Or Not?

Could it actually be true? How involved was Betsy Ross in the design of the first flag of the United States? Here’s a history lesson that may just tax your knowledge of American history!


United States public domain 


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