Episode 27 Real Life Superheroes!

Show  Notes:

Story 01: Real Life Super-boy

Remember the comic book story about a baby who had super powers and could lift the couch with his parents sitting on it?
Well you’re wrong, we’re not talking about the fictitious SuperMan, this is a story about a new born that could walk at 2 DAYS and do other nifty, keen things! Find out if this kid is for real or we’re pulling the wool over your eyes.

Story 02: Real Life DeadPool

Does this martial arts expert really know how to slow time down? Performing great feats with his Katana, he can take on a gunman armed with only a sword! Can he really deflect bullets just like DeadPool? Listen up!

Story 03: Real life Wolverine

Is there a teenager who has super healing powers? Who can take on a speeding car and survive without a scratch?
Is it true he’s never been sick or had a cold ever? What is Protein 53? You’ll learn more then you thought you’d want to in this tale.




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