Episode 26 Sonya Golden Hand & Tales of Amazing Women

Hey gang! It’s a new format! We’re going to tell 3 stories every episode. This will allow us to go more in-depth into these stories and do a more comprehensive review and dissection of each!

Interesting? Just listen!

Let’s start by examining three women who became notorious con artists.

Story 01: Sonya Golden Hands

An apparently beautiful woman had a unique way of obtaining the things she most desired. Her ability to manipulate men was extraordinary. Her complex scheme will make your head spin! Why is she apparently beautiful? Check it!

Story 02: She’s No Dummy

How do you pull off a heist in a busy national museum? This woman found a way to blend into an exhibition in order to gain access to the goods. True or…..?

Story 03: The Golden Boos

Can you pronounce Liechtenstein? Well neither can Sam.

But that doesn’t stop him from telling the tale of Barbara Erni a woman who had an ingenious plan to gain wealth. Her whole gang was very portable! But, was it enough to lose one’s head over?

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