Episode 25 A Wrinkle In Time!

Show Notes:

Scott’s Story 1: A Wrinkle In Time.

An old camera is the source of mystery and glimpses into another world and time. You’ll never look at your old photos the same.

Scott’s Story 2: Everybody Cut Footloose!

Dance till you drop, or Saint Vitus Dance? Listen to this curious tale of an affliction that caused mayhem and partying for weeks!

Scott’s Story 3: Shazam!

Roy, a forest ranger has the world’s worst luck. This story will literally shock you into believing. True or false? Listen to find out.

Sam’s Story 1: The Reincarnation Of One, Ben Bergman.

Imagine if you will, a tale so strange that you might think twice about your dreams and your travels. Is there such a thing as reincarnation? Ben Bergman will think again before he chooses the subject of his next painting or his next trip.

Sam’s Story 2: Tunnel To Nowhere.

The Lincoln tunnel connecting New York to New Jersey, may just be your path to get away from it all.

This is a tale of a couple who stopped their car in the middle of the tunnel during a snowstorm, and well, found a detour to another world. Or did they? Only one way find the answer to this one!

Sam’s Story 3:  M.I.B.

A young nursing student finds herself face to face with the legendary MothMan. But, the  terror didn’t stop there. She also attracted attention from some very well dressed shadowy men.

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