Episode 24 Come Fly With Me!

Sam’s Story: 1 “JFK & Abe Lincoln Staggering Coincidences”

One, two or even 5 coincidences might be plausible, but when you hear the staggering amount of them when comparing the lives of President Abe Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, you may just find it too hard to believe. True or?

Sam’s Story: 2 “Sending Out An S.O.S.”

What are the chances that something astronomically unlikely would happen to two friends doing the same job in the same place? After this one you’ll be flummoxed!

Sam’s Story: 2 “They’re Great!”

Do you remember a certain tiger exclaiming how wonderful a cornflake cereal was? Well hold on to your cereal bowl folks, because here’s a story about the beginnings of said cereal. Controversy you ask? Just listen!

Scott’s Story: 1 “The Story of Sam”

How do you get your companies outstanding work award year after year? Don’t show up! Confused? You won’t be after you hear this one from Scott!

Scott’s Story: 2 “Come Fly With Me”

Chinese children should get frequent flyer miles for all the amazing trips they take on a regular basis! How’s that you say? Well, listen up folks!

Scott’s Story: 3 “Mi Casa, Su Casa”

AirBnB is not responsible for this house guest! Here’s a way to save serious money on room and board. Unfortunately, it’s illegal. Or, is it?


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