Episode 23 A Case of Skullduggery

A Case of Skullduggery

Show Notes:

Scott’s Story: 1   “Cute and Cunning”. Who’s stealing the artwork from this high end art museum? Four members of this desperate gang commit the ultimate crime. But, who exactly are they?

Scott’s Story: 2 “My Pee Stings!”. Here’s one about a stop over o a long bus ride that we bet the passengers regret making! You won’t believe this one!

Scott’s Story: 3 “Sh*t!”  A tale about an assassin who just can’t seem to get anything right, or, can he?

Sam’s Story: 1 “For The Love of Tabby”  How far will a pet’s love for it’s human go in order to comfort them? You’ll look at the bonds between humans and animals differently after you hear this story.

Sam’s Story: 2 “Dinner is Severed”  After this tale, you may think twice about complaining about the cuisine on your next cruse!

Sam’s Story: 3 “A Case of Skullduggery”  You thought the film Poltergeist was fiction, well take a listing to this story. This one will give you pause when looking for real-estate, because location, location, location may not be the most important aspect of finding a home after all!

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