Episode 22 With Great Power, Come Great Headaches, Indeed

Show Notes:

Sam’s Story: 1  “The Burning Woman”  

For decades, people have wondered about the very odd and mysterious condition known as “Spontaneous Combustion”. What is it? What causes it, and can you determine if you’re the next person destined to go up in smoke? If there’s any hope of getting an answer to these questions, you know what to do! Listen!

Sam’s Story: 2 “A Real Snowman”

Travel with us to the cold wintry region of Sweden called Lapland, and the town of Umia. This is the scene of an incredible example of human survival under the harshest conditions. Could a man really survive in the deep freeze for months with no food or water? Check it!

Sam’s Story: 3 “Look! Up in the Sky!”  

Let’s jump into the wayback machine and travel to the picturesque countryside of 1785 France. On a lovely June afternoon, a simple shepard and his sheep behold something that to him must have seemed, out of this world. Is this strange tale true, or are we just full of hot air?

Listener Submitted Story No. 01

Here it is folks! Our first listener submitted story! That’s right, one of you actually got around to sending us a story! And, it’s epic and really cool! But, is it true or did it come from the depths of this listener and his son’s imaginations? Our sincere thanks and two Trendpunk T-Shirts go out to Actor, Joe Hackett and his son Henry!  Thanks again guys!

Remember, you to can cop a cool Trendpunk T-Shirt, by simply sending us your story, true or false. You’ll get t your prize if we use it on our show. Good Luck!

Scott’s Story: 1 “With Great Power, Come Great Headaches, Indeed”

What would it be like to wake up one day and remember absolutely everything that happened to you for the rest of your life? Here’s a tale of a very rare case of “Photographic Memory”. But, is this story true? 

Scott’s Story: 2  “Rachel, The Beanstalk” 

Here we go with the story of a little girl who grew and grew and grew, not like Jack’s beanstalk, but like the beanstalk itself! Tall tale or should the WNBA be scouting this kid?

Scott’s Story: 3  “ Stroke Me, Stroke Me!”

A 44 year old woman experiences a strange medical condition from being on a very hot date? Could this be for real? Here’s a cautionary tale about going to far on a date!


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