Episode 21 I’ll Have What He’s Having!

Show Notes:

Scott’s Story: 1 “Can We Win This War? Neigh!”

Even in 1913 world opinion can turn the tide of public opinion on an inhumane activity. This is a story about the only combatants who fought back against the new Zealand army on its home turf. Find out about the enemy that fought back and outsmarted a whole army!

Scott’s Story: 2  “I’ll Have What He’s Having!” 

Dale has a condition that at first glance seems like something that might be a pleasant affliction to endure, but after a a while, it could put a crimp in your social life. Check it!

Scott’s Story: 3  “What Are You Looking At?”

Harold has a new friend that no one can see or hear, but the friendly man in the bathroom was pleasant company for Harold until his wife became alarmed and took Harold to a specialist to find out what was causing him to be visited by an invisible friend. Listen to find out!

Sam’s Story: 1  “The Toynbee Tiles”  

Since the 1980s placards about the size of US license plates imbedded into roads and streets have been found in over 40 cities in the US and several South American countries. Who placed them? What does the cryptic message mean and why would someone do this? Beats us!

Sam’s Story: 2 “Don’t You Know There’s A War On?”

Lost between the lines in no mans land, a WW I soldier stumbles upon a gated garden oasis of peace and beauty, inhabited by a pretty young girl. Bombs and bullets have been dropping on this part of the countryside for weeks, but the garden remains untouched. What was going on here?

Sam’s Story: 3 “The Wild Girl Of Champagne”  

For 10 years this young girl lived alone in the deep forests of France, until she was captured and an attempt was made to rehabilitate her. Did it work? Listen to find out.

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