Episode 19 A Girl And Her Dolphin

A Girl And Her Dolphin

Show Notes:

Sam’s Story: 1  K-9 Commando. Did this amazing dog really go above and beyond the call of duty as a full fledged soldier? How did he save so many lives?

Sam’s Story: 2 So Long, and thanks for all the fish! How smart are our cousins the dolphins? Here’s a tale of bravery and friendship between a girl and the dolphin she came to love.

Sam’s Story: 3 That Amazing Cell Reception in India! You’ve heard of texting and driving? How about texting and dying? Talk about your long distance calls, check out these from beyond the grave!

Scott’s Story: 1 Don’t Touch Me! What happens when a princess truly believes she is so far above the common folk that they can never touch her?

Scott’s Story: 2 The Brews Brothers! They say the British love their beer, well here’s a beer story to die for!

Scott’s Story: 3 Warrior or Wimp? It’s the little things in life that make a difference. Find out why!

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