Episode 18 The Devil’s Footprint

The Devil’s Footprint

Show Notes:

Sam’s Story: 1  Double Trouble. Is there an invisible link between twins that may be unseen? What happens when twins meet as adults? This one will blow your mind!

Sam’s Story: 2 The Devil’s Footprint. Be careful what you wish for. Here’s a story of a strange construction site and a man’s wish that his job would be done for him by the devil himself.

Sam’s Story: 3 The Black Nazi? Follow the amazing tale of a boy who was born at the wrong place and the wrong time, yet he still longed to fit in! You won’t believe where he ended up!

Scott’s Story: 1 We’ll Meet Again! A worldwide search for a long lost sibling leads to an amazing coincidence. Sometimes you only have to look next door to find what you’re looking for.

Scott’s Story: 2 Did I get them?! Grandpa wanted to rid the homestead of pesky rats. Unfortunately for his family, his method was way wacky!

Scott’s Story: 3 Kablam! It’s that time of year when we seek to spread cheer and be with our loved ones. Here’s a yuletide tale for you. Listen if you dare!

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