Episode 17 Psychic Warfare and Stupid Choices

Show Notes:

Scott’s Story: 1 Ahhh! Culling the herd or just plain stupid? What happens when thrill seekers disregard safety and do the incredibly stupid? Well, let’s just say tragedy is not far off.

Scott’s Story: 2 See Ya! How does a wonderful outing on a mountain go horribly wrong? This is a story about courage or the lack of. Find out where the bravo and the cowardly end up.

Scott’s Story: 3 Sailing The Stars! Kite surfing or dumb idea? Here’s one about a man who disregarded emergency warnings in order to get the thrill ride of his life!

Sam’s Story: 1  Is your BMW Psychic?   The Nazi’s had their own version of Hydra as in the X-Men films, an evil organization during WWII.Here’s the tale of their worldwide search for the paranormal and psychic weapons the needed to conquer the world.

Sam’s Story: 2 Remote Viewing or Look Into My Eyes!  What do remote viewing, psychic powers and telekinesis have to do with spying? Did spy organizations use them to get the upper hand during the Cold War? And are they still using these techniques today?

Sam’s Story: 3 Who’s Cold War Is It Anyway?   True or false, did a Russian mini-sub crew really try to pass themselves off as Scandinavian tourists? Pericope up and let’s go!

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