Episode 16 Cold War Coincidence or Jokers Wild!

Cold War Coincidence or Jokers Wild!

Show Notes:
Sam’s Story: 1  Gateway To Hell — Are there gateways to hell? What about those bottomless pits around the world? Here’s a town with a church who’s back stairs may lead to Hell, or is it the caretakers way of scaring the local kids off.

Sam’s Story: 2  That’s A Weird Bulling Bull — The story of a kid who found the weirdest object while playing archeologist in his backyard. And how after he took it to a university to help figure out what the heck it was, those men in black showed up. Why?

Sam’s Story: 3  Cold war coincidence — The tale of a famous novelist who was compelled to add a character that had no business being in this novel. And of how the spy came to life.

Scott’s Story: 1  Awe Damn — A case of mistaken stolen identity and murder. Here’s a story about a criminal who really get’s his comeuppance!

Scott’s Story: 2 Jokers Wild — Here’s a story of a poker player mistaken for a cheater, his death and the player who took his place at the poker table. This is the hard way to get a full house.

Scott’s Story: 3 I’ll Trade You Cars, for CPR — You never know when you’ve lent someone a hand how it will come back to you. This tail of good road etiquette shows that you never can tell when the good deed you do just may save your life!

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