Episode 15 Murder By Moped Or The Case Of The Bunny Murders!

Murder By Moped or the Case of The Bunny Murders!

Show Notes:

Scott’s Story: 1 “Murder By Moped”
Here’s a strange mindblowing tale of extreme coincidence that led to tragedy.

Scott’s Story: 2 “It’s Raining Babies!” 
Some people can walk under ladders and suffer no ill effects, but this lucky baby had a gardian pedestrian.

Scott’s Story: 3  “You’ve Got To Play To Win and Win and Win?” 
A super lucky elderly couple can’t lose when it comes to buying lottery tickets.

Sam’s Story: 1 “Village Of The Damned”
Sometimes a curse can ruin your whole day, and the days of your descendants and your home town.

Sam’s Story: 2  “The Case Of The Bunny Murders!” 
Some urban legends are based in fact. Here’s one about a bunny that’s not cute or cuddly, but is in fact a murderer!

Sam’s Story: 3 “An Eye For And Eye”
A man loses his eyes, but won’t stop trying to find a cure no matter what it takes!

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