Episode 14 Eagles, Horses and Frogs? Oh Crap!

Eagles, Horses and Frogs! Oh Crap! 

Show Notes: 

Sam’s Story: 1 “How Does He Do That!”
This is the story of a man who rises above all others — literally! Did this man really walk straight out of a 4th story window and then hover in midair, only to return though another window? There’s only one way to find out. Yup, ya gotta listen!

Sam’s Story: 2  “A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course” 
The Civil War is the backdrop for this amazing miracle. Is it true that a mere horse knew what do in the face of a death storm?

Sam’s Story: 3 “Mystery of the Lost Crew”
A massive vessel from the turn of the century is found adrift on the high sea. Where’s the crew? Set sail with us, as we follow the clues to try and solve this mystery!

Scott’s Story: 1 “A Bird In The Hand, Is Worth Four In The Clink”
This tale could be entitled “Where Eagles Dare.” What Happens when a family of eagles have an unexpected guest drop in? This one will ruffle your feathers!

Scott’s Story: 2 “Sh-t Happens” 
A veteran’s life turns to poop after he finds himself knee deep in the Sh—.

Scott’s Story: 3  “Man vs. Wild, Fer Real!” 
Don’t drink and drive into the Australian Outback, or you just might find a culinary delight! Or, death.

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