Episode 11 Halloween Special!

Some of these halloween stories may not be suitable for extremely young children: Listener discretion is advised.

Show Notes:

Grab your loved-ones and hold them close under the covers and listen to the first Halloween Special from our two intrepid storytellers, Scott and Sam. They might just scare you or tickle your funny bone, or both!

Story 1: Who’s There?

Things are not always as they seem. You may think you’re safe in your comfy little home, but don’t rest easy until you check the whole house. This little boy’s mother learn a lesson about home safety the scary way.

Story 2: No thoughts, No Fears?

Here’s a tale about a teen who gets advice from the other side. See if you can decipher this message from beyond.

Story 3: The Latchkey Murder.

The repercussions of being a latchkey kid may be far more serious than you might expect. A cautionary tale about child safety.

Story 4: The Night Demon or Tale of the PoPo Bawa

Evil entity or horny villagers? What’s behind this legend of the PoPo Bawa? An evil sprint that is said to sexually assault men in their villages on the island of Pemba. Whats really going on there?

Story 5: The Girl In The Bathroom

The mystical Islands of Japan are rich with legends and superstitions from the ages to modern days. Here’s a story about how difficult it can be to be a school girl in Japan. Take heed!

Story 6: Dark Monster

The people of Argentina  have their myths and legions as in any other land. Is this a case of of demon possession or mental illness? A man suffers from attacks by a mythical monster, what’s really going on here? 


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