Episode 12 Halloween Special Part 2

Grab your loved ones and hold them close under the covers and listen to the part 2 of our first Halloween Special from our intrepid storytellers, Scott and Sam. They might just scare you or tickle your funny bone, or both!

Show Notes:

Story 1: The Midnight Scarecrow

Is the Midnight Scarecrow myth or reality? Will you be it’s next victim? Will that victim in turn seek out others?       And finally, how much do you think a scarecrow pulls down yearly, after taxes?

Story 2: The Woman Of Your Worst Dreams

Not all tall skinny Brazilian women are beautiful, some have glowing red eyes and scurry across the rooftops at night looking……for their next victim. Not exactly the girl you want to bring home to mother. Here’s a spooky tale about the vulnerability of the sleep state.

Story 3: The Weeping Woman 

Her name was Maria, she was beautiful but, with a dark side. When the man she loved rejected her, she did the unthinkable. And afterwards spent eternity paying for her sins.

Story 4: Dog Loving Ghost

This creepy tale of an uninvited guest who likes the family pet will leave you wondering at the extrasensory abilities of animals.Here boy! 

Story 5: What The Bleep!

Old scary houses and laundry you say? WTF? This story will prove that sometimes it’s better to send your laundry out!

Story 6: Don’t Ignore Your Gut Feelings

Boy, kids can have some amazing imaginations. And sometimes, their imaginations get a bit too real. Here’s a tale that starts out pretty ordinary, but quickly turns to…..TERROR!

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