Episode 10 Moonwalking, Murder and Flatulence!

Show Notes:

Story 1: He Who Dealt It.

A large man is overcome by his own methane cloud! Was it murder by fume, or just too much rich living?

Story 2: Breaking Up Is…. MURDER!

A strange tale about love, rejection, suicide, anger, revenge and MURDER! Sometimes you just can’t avoid what’s written in the stars, or trees for that matter. When your number’s up, it’s up!

Catchphrase: TIMBER!

Story 3: Mystery In The Snow’s Of Kyoto.

This is a mysterious tale about an ancestor who reaches from the beyond to help save a life.

Story 4: Dew On The Grass, Dogs And Moon Walking Or The Man With The Dog.

A man see’s another dog lover at the park that doesn’t seem quite right. But, his dog knows what’s up.

Story 5: The French Never Sleep.

A new method of learning to speak a foreign language. Or, is it ancestral memory? Either way, it’s a strange way to learn French!

Story 6: Mindfreak!

A man hears bad news about the demise of a loved one, or did he? You’ll have to listen to this strange story to find out the truth.


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