Crazy Kuracali Sparkling Sake Episode 3

“Crazy Kuracali Sparkling Sake”

Sparkling clear sake, blueberry sake, ginger, mango and more. When the Designated Drinkers visit Kuracali they find a tasting room mashup where Japan’s secret ingredients pair with Southern California’s fresh and spirited vibe. The batches are small but the tastes are massive. Savor the liquid!

Show Notes:

In this episode, Trend Punk’s Designated Drinkers Chris Roach and Raf Corona meet up with owner Chuck Perkins and Ilija of Kuracali’s Sake and Beer Brewery located in the chill town of San Marcos, California. What’s unique about this place is it actually has microbrews and craft sakes under the same roof. So two tasting rooms. One for craft beers the other for sensational sakes.

Computer dude by day, expert brewer by night — owner Chuck talks about the different brewing and stilling methods used for yeast (beer) vs. rice wine (sakes). This self professed “mad scientist” for tastes especially likes to have fun with the sake batches. Here’s a toast to Mint Chocolate sake for Christmas, Pumpkin Spice sake for Thanksgiving and Chris loves the watermelon sake. Who does that?!

Tipsy level – 6
Unique – 10

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